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SecureLogix secures voice and UC networks and lowers corporate expenses to enhance business operations. The company’s ETM® System is a voice and UC security and intelligence solution, hosting a suite of applications that protect network resources from telephony-based attack, fraud and abuse, optimize infrastructure and services to reduce costs, simplify the management of enterprise voice communications, and enable a secure, cost effective path to VoIP/UC. The ETM System provides a hard-dollar ROI payback in less than 12 months, and is supported by a host of world class voice network security assessment, monitoring and optimization services.

Central to the SecureLogix® technology portfolio are the company’s groundbreaking, first-of-kind voice firewall and intrusion prevention system (IPS), dedicated to solving the unique security threats of real-time communication by securing the vast and previously unprotected public-private enterprise voice network edge/DMZ.

SecureLogix’s solutions address real-world problems for today's enterprise voice networks. The system is PBX-vendor independent and supports analog, digital, and VoIP carrier trunking, providing central visibility, reporting, and control point over all enterprise voice communications, irrespective of the customer’s mix of TDM or VoIP/UC switch types and vendors.


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