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Ensure faster, more reliable and secure business transactions

Radware is the global leader in integrated application delivery solutions delivering full availability, maximum performance and complete security of all business critical networked applications while dramatically cutting operating and scaling costs.

The company’s unified application delivery solution adds critical application intelligence to IP infrastructures, making networks more responsive to specific business processes. Supporting all-in-one availability, performance and security functionality, Radware’s best in class product family provides the most complete set of application front-end, remote access and security capabilities for intelligent application-specific tuning of global networks to ensure faster, more reliable and secure business transactions.

Product Overview
Application Front End Solution AppDirector (Next Gen WSD)
Intelligent application delivery controller for the data center enables local and global server availability, accelerated application performance, application security and infrastructure scalability.

AppXcel (Next Gen CT-100)
Application accelerator features web compression, SSL offloading and HTTP multiplexing for the fastest application and transaction response times.

Application Security Solution DefensePro
Comprehensive intrusion prevention and Denial of Service protection for full application, network and infrastructure security.

Unified security switch for optimized, scaleable management of best-of-breed firewalls, VPN gateways, IDS, anti-virus and content filtering security tools.

Application Access Solution LinkProof
Enterprise multi-homing and WAN acceleration for reliable, always-on and optimized Internet link connectivity and accelerated distributed application delivery.

LinkProof Branch
Remote office access solution consolidates multi-homing, VPN and WAN acceleration to enable reliable, accelerated and cost effective distributed application delivery from HQ to branch offices.

Managed Services Solution Content Inspection Director
Carrier managed service delivery platform enables centralized and optimized delivery of value-added content and security services to subscribers worldwide.


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