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Additional Details and Benefits

WestconGroup North America Secure Supply Chain Services Overview

Blind Supply Chain Delivery — This is a service that assures that the end destination of equipment is blind to all elements of the supply chain until final delivery--it can involve both products that are purchased from WestconGroup North America and those that are purchased elsewhere.
Products Purchased from WestconGroup North America:
Can be done for shipments from stock or for custom-configured orders that would normally be drop-shipped directly to an end user. Hardware orders from stock can be processed as part of a standard hardware purchase. Custom-configured orders normally drop-shipped are brought into a WestconGroup North America facility and cross-docked to the final destination. A $150 project management fee per shipment is applied to all orders normally drop-shipped.
Products Not Purchased from WestconGroup North America
WestconGroup North America charges a project management fee, SSC Handling fee, and freight. Handling Fee and Freight is custom-quoted based on total shipment weight.
Secure Delivery Handling — WestconGroup North America can handle custom transportation and handling of items that need to be delivered at certain times and under specific conditions, using pre-approved and pre-screened delivery services. Project management and service fees for secure delivery handling are quoted on a custom basis.
Universal Identification (UID) Compliance A frequent requirement for DOD (Department of Defense) contracts and other agencies, UID is a tagging service WestconGroup North America provides that enables government agencies to track goods anywhere in the world. It includes the database update management service, as well as labeling services. More information about UID can be found on various DoD websites.
Cooperative Purchasing Allows State and Local government to utilize the GSA Schedule.
Trade Agreement Act Compliance This ensures that items delivered to government entitles comply with the Trade Agreement Act. As a distributor, WestconGroup North America ensures delivery of TAA Compliant products under the WestconGroup North America, Inc. GSA Schedule.

Since products are manufacturered in more than one country, WestconGroup North America follows strict ordering guidelines to ensure that only the TAA compliant version of their product is delivered under the WestconGroup North America, Inc. GSA Schedule. Ordering from other GSA Schedule holders who offer products and cannot offer relevant documentation stating they are directly supported by the manufacturer may result in receipt of product that does not come from authorized channels. In effect, you are not assured TAA compliance if you purchased from a source that is not fully authorized.

WestconGroup North America also offers cooperative purchasing, which allows state and local government to utilize the GSA Schedule.  Additionally, by placing orders through our GSA Schedule, resellers and integrators can experience the following benefits:
Streamlined ordering and ability to accept government issued credit cards
Nor requirement of FedBizOpps (FBO) synopsis
Meeting of all applicable regulations and competitions requirements, including FAR and CICA
Reduced procurement lead-time and administrative costs
Access to a wide selection of Authorized Dealers

The agencies and activities named below may use contracts established under GSA Schedules (note: the GSA Order, Eligibility to Use GSA Sources of Supply and Services provides further information regarding agencies and activities authorized to use GSA Schedules):
All federal agencies and activities in the executive, legislative and judicial branches
Government contractors authorized in writing by a federal agency pursuant to 48 CFR 51.1
Mixed ownership government corporations (as defined in the Government Corporation Control Act)
The government of the District of Columbia
Other activities and organizations authorized by statute or regulation to use GSA as a source of supply.
Note: The GSA Order, Eligibility to Use GSA Sources of Supply and Services, provides further information regarding agencies and activities authorized to use GSA Schedules.