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Our Westcon GSA Team is standing by to assist with all of your GSA questions. Please contact a team member below to address your specific request.

Quotes and Order Status:
John Andersen 
Government Programs Specialist 
Phone: 703-345-5176
Fax: 703-345-5574
E-mail: john.andersen@westcon.com
Sanya Richey
Senior Government Programs Coordinator
Phone: 703-345-5159
Fax: 703-345-5574
E-mail: sanya.richey@westcon.com
Request a GSA Catalog:

Steve Marcellino

Government Programs Coordinator
Phone: 703-345-5279
Fax: 703-345-5574
E-mail: steve.marcellino@westcon.com
Dealer or Teaming Applications:

Kirsten Keen

Government Programs Coordinator
Phone: 800-543-6098, ext. 4755
Fax: 303-222-4877
E-mail: kirsten.keen@westcon.com
For all other issues, please contact:

Brenda Reynolds
Director, Government Programs
Phone: 703-345-5229
Fax: 703-345-5574
E-mail: brenda.reynolds@westcon.com